Enterprise Technology Research (ETR) unites high-level enterprise technology end users around the world for the purposes of real-time peer benchmarking, research and networking. The result is an IT end user idea exchange free of vendors, resellers & conflicted interest research firms.

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Enterprise Technology Research is the only technology market research firm that...

✔  Never charges our enterprise IT end user respondents a single penny, ever.

✔  Brings you real-time survey-based research with no lag time between polling and results.

✔  Provides managed introductions to your enterprise IT end user peers.

✔  Has a boutique R&D lab (ETR&D), which brings to life the technologies you, our respondents, need and want in your organizations, and then matches our members as mentors to the start-ups.

✔  Delivers dynamic excel files of survey results for richer and deeper data mining after polling is completed, highlighting each vendor's "Net Spending Intentions Score."

✔  Achieves sample sizes in excess of 780 within 3-6 weeks and over 350 in 48 hours of polling.

✔  Never poses a survey that takes greater than 12 minutes to complete and on average takes 4-5 minutes to complete.

✔  Is fully compliant with vendors' NDA policies.

✔  Has an upcoming conference exclusively for and FREE to our enterprise IT end user respondents to present to and network with one another (in NYC).

✔  Will launch a website (FITO) exclusively for our group members, completely free of vendors, consultants and resellers - a free peer-to-peer communication platform like no other for enterprise IT end users.

Our sample of 3,500 global high-level end users is comprised of approximately 64% large enterprises, and 70% of the sample is from North America. ETR has now conducted 23 standardized spending intentions surveys and has accurately forecasted numerous occurrences of significant growth by formerly unknown technology vendors, as well as the unexpected missteps by many other vendors that were once thought to be bullet-proof.

It is our belief that our forward-looking data and analytics models can dramatically aid enterprise IT end users and CIOs to identify which of their vendors are most at-risk and therefore, most prone to price leveraging. In the ever-evolving enterprise technology landscape, ETR can also highlight vendors that deserve to be evaluated immediately.

Our ability to capture samples of over 780 in a 3-4 week polling period is a testament to our capacity to gain valuable data in near real-time. As soon as members submit their questionnaires, they are provided with live and secure links to the real-time polling data so that they may track the data and results. 

Remember, the results of this survey will serve as an extremely valuable peer benchmarking tool for you and your organization, as well as provide you with valuable information as to which sectors and vendors you may have negotiating power over.
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